2015 Keith FoskettJon Edgar is a sculptor of the Frink School, which sought to develop the perception of the human condition and the figurative form at a time when much else was conceptual.
His large stone works use a process of improvisation to open up each block, often through the involvement of the others. Permanent works are in and around the South Downs National Park where Edgar is based.

In 2019, a 7 tonne block responding to place is being worked with public interaction, documented at

In 2016, Jon created a posthumous bust of Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown, the 18th century creator of landscapes. His Environment Series of heads has secured sittings with names such as James Lovelock, Richard Mabey and Caroline Lucas.

Journal (2015) is sited in the conservatory to the Gardener’s Cottage on Newport House’s walled garden where it was created, responding to the first ten days of the last Out of Nature exhibition.

“My works respond to the environment they are being carved in and the people I am in conversation with at the time; they are of their place, or often out of human nature.
Not pre-conceiving the works means the work is turned through the early stages until imagery starts to emerge. Whilst not representational, they generally move toward the figurative.”