Day 7: Friday 6th

Sunrise. In the spirit of discovery, I walked up to the big house for the 8am yoga session – not something I had experienced before. I thought it might rejuvenate my aching arms from yesterday when in fact I found that several of the routines were an agonising equivalent of my carving. But it was a contemplative hour, if somewhat hampered by my inadequacy to be grounded, through inflexible muscle groups. I have moved from unconscious to conscious incompetence, which is a start. Inner poise is something that sculptures also need to have (and often do not).

After a low day resolving forms yesterday, I got on with the necessary removal from the block  and started to feel that the limewood work is coming together. The Cart Shed award ceremony approached. Lady Darnley, the Queen’s representative in Herefordshire, was to present them the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Services, the organisational equivalent of the CBE.

Beforehand, a few people connected with the Cart Shed passed through the walled garden and I quizzed one on my issue with one side of the sculpture. The panel presently has a figure at the base in low relief, its surface being the sawn marks of the original board. At the top, a reaching arm – an addition of hope into otherwise sad imagery – is in three dimensions. It is a contrast of idiom or style, and the composition could thus be seen as weak.
The volunteer, without so much as a pause, echoed that two-dimensionality was exactly what one experienced in low moments, if one felt any dimension at all.

And that was all that was needed.

The other block? As the lime has started to resolve, the pear has made me realise it was necessary for development of the ‘pit’ imagery, but that it is developing a broader focus than The Cart Shed, is in a material foreign to Herefordshire, and has an initial impetus from elsewhere. Its despair imagery (below) may be too intense and with no inter-connecting link between that and the obverse.  Adding an element might over complicate and perhaps destroy the work.

They are parting company gradually, but the pear will always be connected.

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