Day 4: Tuesday 3rd

A sunrise for the first time in days. And a sign of a great morning, as I trekked up the track to The Cart Shed encampment in the woods.

I had a chat with someone who has been consistently making sculptural work in the Cart Shed woodlands. His little people’s houses started off with fairy doors, of which one was some ten metres from where I was sitting.

He mentioned his hat of levitation which co-incidentally I had seen and remembered on the Cart Shed stand at the exhibition.He recalled the conversations around its conception – the hat of levitation propeller starts spinning and allows one to ascend into the tree canopy to lose yourself for a while. Despite being “a bit of fun” just as with the fairy doors, both works transcend the mundanity of life, taking the maker – and viewer – into special places for a while – which is exactly what The Cart Shed does too. That the hat of levitation also alludes to ‘being low’ by suggesting the very act of rising is another layer – a conceptual solution to ‘despair’ without so much as a mallet chip. Thus, not only is this a sculptural construction, but it provides a parallel solution to the brief for a work responding to The Cart Shed’s purpose.

I’d hoped that the Tuesday group walk would pass by the Walled Garden and have a look at progress with my own carving. I needed affirmation that some of the imagery was progressing in the right way – or rather, that others would see the things I was feeling might work. Out of a group discussion with the two blocks, several had a real feel for the forms, giving me confidence as well as some more insight into times when one feels sad, lonely or trapped in one’s metaphorical cave.

Later, another insight emerged – the in-camp companionship that the Cart Shed community gives. Supportive and trusting. That complicates the sculpture – more figurative elements to be included. But it feels something which cannot not be referenced in the composition.

With good strong light coming down through the trees, I also noticed how the Cart Shed camp shows that beauty comes out of work itself.

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