Day 3: Monday 2nd

Walked up to The Cart Shed’s camp early, looking for simple motifs or visual detail which characterise their activities and might identify the locally distinctive.

Handmade mallets, the A frame structure of camp roofs and log stands. The turning equipment is more visually complex… potentially taking any “art” into interpretation.

Any art is going to have strength if it can get beyond the representational and convey universal qualities. For that to occur, this sculpture needs to work ‘for’ The Cart Shed but also to offer something that others seeking solace in the natural environment might recognise.
Didn’t travel beyond the cottage porch work area all day. The void in the pear block is growing. Baked bread twice in the frequent distraction from carving.

Here are the sculptor’s talismans against further hand damage; turmeric (curcumin), very high Scoville chillis (capsaicin and Vitamin C) and a weightlifter’s mitt.

Tomorrow I meet up early with The Cart Shed session in the woods.

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