A Day with the Cart Shed – part 2

Several of us chatted about getting back into drawing and the difficulty of keeping going when you are trying to concentrate but cannot. I find that the very task of putting a pencil line to something fleeting – be it a moving pig or a walking group – means you can allow yourself have no expectation. If you keep at the process, the occasional glimmer of a lively sketch may come through. It’s all about perseverence, not skill, if you can believe in the process.

I tried to capture Milo, a supremely cool, well-manned (and very sculptural) dog but largely failed. But it is also made easier for the sculptor, as sketches are only prompts for remembering form or profile. I don’t create anything which I’d personally consider “art”, although looking back, I can see that the prompts may work their way into new works, through a memory of the combined snippets of form.

The Forces’ Veterans group had been involved with a characterful new bridge, the supporting struts for the handrail being rustic yet visually well balanced:

We reached the horticultural area; two polytunnels with their own warm microclimate, raised beds – and tasty nasturtium flowers

and then onward round the fields, past the wind turbine

and then back to the cool of the wood and the warmth of the camp fire.

Two books on whittling and carving wood lay on a bench next to the camp fire. Flicking through them, one had a recollection of a carver who was producing a figure, which seemed to have life. On making another small chisel cut to improve the face, the material immediately died and lost that spirit which had somehow emerged in the inanimate material.

That is something I need to remember with a developing work.

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